A Practical Pressure Sensitive Computer Keyboard

Contest Details: www.acm.org A Practical Pressure Sensitive Computer Keyboard Paul H. Dietz, Benjamin Eidelson, Jonathan Westhues and Steven Bathiche The Applied Sciences Group Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052 USA {paul.dietz, benjamin.eidelson, jonathan.westhues, stevieb}@microsoft.com

TUI.TAR: UIST 2011 Student Innovation Contest Entry

TUITAR An air guitar-inspired tangible user interface for digital music creation and performance. Team Members: Lara Helm ’12 Casey Grote ’14 Emily Lin ’14 Karen Su ’14 Advisor: Dr. Orit Shaer Wellesley College

City Year: Mentors for Students

How can we keep our students in school and on track? City Year was founded on the innovative approach that young people are in the best position to help students and improve education in this country

Mark Milliron: The Case for Radical Immediate Feedback

Mark Milliron has a radical proposal: Why not give learners immediate feedback on their progress? He sees an opportunity to use data and information to increase communication among teachers, administrators, and students.

Action Research News: Student Innovations Through Movie Making

This is a movie that explains the results of an Action Research project on “Student Innovations through Movie Making”. This video was for “Research Night” a poster presentation project at ASU West CTEL. I am in the doctorate program for Leadership and Innovation in Education.