Create Your Path

Create Your Path Create Your Path: A Leadership, Career & Advising Program for High School Students

Create Your Path is a series of video workshops designed by to help high school students create their own path to a successful life and career, integrating the academic, professional, and personal together. Click below for a free video sample of the program, as well as information on customizing or ordering the program for your high school or organization.

This version of the program has been refocused to help guide high school students toward a successful future, building on their unique skills and passionate interests.

Originally created as a blended online / live program for Dartmouth College, Create Your Path teaches skills and methods focused on to helping university students create unique path that integrates the academic, professional, and personal together. This program can be used as-is, or a custom program can be built for your group.

See our program overview, and contact Darin for more information.

Create Your Path: Free Video Sample

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