The agreement came into force on the 1st May 2008.

We have prepared a fact sheet on the Commonwealth Simple Grant Agreement (part of the Department of Finances suite of templates). The Commonwealth Simple Grant Agreement is based on and replaces the previous Low Risk Grant Agreement and it includes more drafting options for the supplementary terms. Organisations should seek independent legal advice about the […]

Copy of draft Vending Agreement between the Issuer and the Issuing House .

Joint operating agreements set forth provisions to govern specific operational partnerships between two or more organizations, whether they are private businesses, corporations or government entities such as cities and states. Joint operations differ from joint ventures, in which two or more entities combine resources to create a third entity jointly owned by both. In joint […]

These are where non-collective agreement issues can be addressed and resolved.

OpenPEPPOL AISBL holds the copyright in the customizations made to the original document. The customizations appear from the corresponding conformance statement which is attached to this document. For the purpose of national implementations, customizations covered by the conformance statement may be further refined and detailed by PEPPOL Authorities and/or other entities authorized by OpenPEPPOL AISBL, […]

Get all terms of the rent-to-own agreement in writing.

Developers should always warrant the work theyre creating. A warranty provides recourse in the instance if the deliverables dont work in accordance with the products specifications or if theres a concern of infringement. At minimum, the warranty should specify that the work is non-infringing, and that all components of the software will function as intended. […]

By all implied agreement.

The model tenancy agreement is made available free of charge and can either be completed online or downloaded and completed manually. If the agreement is completed online, it will need to be printed off for wet signature. A tenancy agreement is a contract between you and a landlord. Two copies of the agreement should be […]